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Turn a Deaf Ear points out a need for more true stories covering deaf/hearing relationships within the deaf culture.”

Deaf Insight

You won’t be disappointed!




Hearing Elmo

It’s a ‘keeper’!




Welch’s ASL Juice

A passionate heart she has for Deaf world!









Hearing Sparks

The writing is very personable and accessible, and it’s a great multicultural experience.”



Deafness & Life Adventures

It is a book that covers everything about family, friendship, love, and trust.


The Deaf Project


Oh wow! Loving the book: Turn A Deaf Ear!

The Deaf Project did a progressive review of the book:


Deaf Expressions

A courageous story of crossing barriers, and standing up to do the right thing, regardless of personal danger.


Speak Up Librarian

My immediate reaction upon finishing the book was the recurring thought “It’s been a privilege.”



Xpressive Handz

I recommend this book for everyone, especially anyone taking Deaf Studies or learning ASL (American Sign Language). It is that good.”