Janet Fiore Horger

Janet Fiore Horger is a first generation American born of Italian immigrant parents. She intertwines strong Italian family traditions and rich language into her stories. She is a prolific writer and each chapter of Turn a Deaf Ear reflects her imagination as she brings new and exciting visions of her family to the written page. Janet lives with her husband in the Los Angeles area and spends much time with their grown children and grandchildren.


Linda Fiore Sanders

Linda Fiore Sanders, Janet’s younger sister, is the model for Linda in Turn a Deaf Ear. Linda provided the foundation for the stories in each chapter and Janet ficitonalized them for the book. The two authors worked in harmony to build a short novel which sends the reader back in time to the 1960s. This was a time where it was commonplace to display prejudice toward those who were different. Linda always rejected intolerance and was able to seize true love as a result. Linda is fluent in ASL and works in special education in central California.

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